Hello World – hydraulic seals

Announcing an amazing onsite plating service.

Don't replace the hydraulic seal only...

'Restore the chrome surface'

Hydraulic Seals

SPS Selective Plating Services a company based in Melbourne Australia now provide the missing link for a successful hydraulic seal.

'They address the chrome surface that the seals slide on'

Throughout the world the ability to electroplate a damaged cylinder in place is not in the thinking of engineers as most simply do not know it exists. Therefore the only approach has been to ignore the chrome surface defects till seal failure eventually occurs. Unfortunately, this will have the ensuing downtime associated with disassembly, offsite processes to re-chrome and re-grind which can cost weeks before returning for re-assembly. However there is a solution for this problem and it is delivered by an onsite plating service with the amazing ability to restore these surfaces in-situ (with hydraulic rams still attached to machinery). This service is of immense value as a maintenance process to overcome such downtime concerns that can completely shut down a production facility. The service is ideal for large hydraulic rams such as press rams that are difficult to remove from machinery. Although SPS Selective Plating Services never engage directly in seal installation or supply they are fully committed to work 'in conjunction' with all hydraulic or seal companies in Australia to provide a complete and successful solution for their clients. (see more)

Press Rams

22 press rams on a huge vulcanizing press were repaired by in-situ electroplating in the year 2000. The chrome surface was severely scored on all 22 rams. Work was performed in conjunction with a major Australian seal supplier and the amazing results are still evident in over 17 years of service.




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Hello world – introducing ‘SPS Selective Plating Services’

Announcing a world leading service in hydraulic ram repairs









Onsite or in-situ plating for hydraulic ram and hydraulic cylinder repairs

SPS Selective Plating Services PL, a company based in Melbourne Australia have developed a world leading capacity in the repair of chrome plated surfaces on hydraulic rams and cylinders.

Amazing electroplating repairs

Hydraulic rams still attached to machinery

Repaired in-situ without disassembly

Large hydraulic rams removed from machinery

Repaired on your premises

No limit to the size of hydraulic ram

Repairs don't require immersion in tanks

Minor damages

Repaired within a couple of hours in our mobile vehicle

SPS Selective Plating Services have developed an amazing capacity to perform onsite or in-situ repairs to chrome plated surfaces on hydraulic rams and hydraulic cylinders. The company began in 1988 after prior involvements in the aircraft industry dating back to 1977. We service many industries including the crane industry with extension cylinders that extend up to 12 meters in length or press rams used in manufacturing industries that are repaired in-situ. Our capabilities in this area are second to none due to the techniques we have developed and implemented through 40 years of experience.

For further details or contact for project discussion please go to our website: www.spsplating.com.au