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From Aircraft to Cranes, Excavators and Forklifts

SPS Selective Plating Services P/L was originally established in 1988. The introduction of our company provided a unique service to industry with the ability to perform mobile and in-situ electroplating based on techniques and experience obtained in the aircraft industry dating back to 1977. Since that time our mobile electroplating operation has been further developed and extended to service a wide range of industries that use hydraulic rams or chrome plated cylinders. Most of these industries had only known the time consuming delay of conventional procedures where electroplating repairs commonly involved weeks of downtime. These procedures required disassembly from machinery, entire chrome plating removal, re-plating, re-grinding and finally re-assembly to the machinery. With the introduction of our unique on-site service the majority of our electroplating repairs are now completed ‘within one day’.

A proper hydraulic seal

It is important to realise that repairing the hydraulic ram or hydraulic cylinder surface is essential to the integrity of a sealed hydraulic system. Replacing the hydraulic seals alone is not a solution as the surface of a damaged hydraulic ram or a hydraulic cylinder will eventually produce seal failure and the possibility of a catastrophic incident.

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