An amazing onsite electroplating service to assist crane servicing and inspections

SPS Selective Plating Services Pty Ltd a company based in Melbourne Australia announce a world leading capability to assist certification engineers and crane companies with onsite electroplating in the repair of damaged rams or cylinders on cranes.

Extension Cylinders

When damage occurs on mobile crane extension cylinders the physical size of these cylinders present great difficulty as plating tanks are generally unable to accommodate their entire length (up to 12 meters or more). Furthermore crane downtime is considerable as the entire chrome surface must be removed followed by re-plating and cylindrical grinding to restore the finished size.
We overcome all these problems by plating onsite without tanks or immersion. The defective areas are able to be rebuilt on premises and the surface finish restored with outstanding results. Most operations are completed within one or two days and we will work in conjunction with operators maintenance periods or a 10 year inspection program to address any damaged rams or cylinders on the crane. (see more)

Outriggers and luffing cylinders repaired in-situ

If outriggers or luffing cylinders are observed with physical damage we can restore them in-situ without removing them from the crane. This maintenance procedure will prevent the immanent downtime to the crane when seal failures occur. (see more)

These images are typical of damages we repair on a regular basis

Visit to observe further detail and video of our capabilities.

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