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Excavator Repair Services for Damaged Hydraulic Rams and Cylinders

Excavator Repairs

Excavator repairs for damaged hydraulic rams and cylinders are now performed in a unique service operated by SPS Selective Plating  Services. This technique will selectively repair the defective areas in the chrome surface of a cylinder and only the damaged ares will build with metal during electroplating. To dress these to finished size is simple and there is no dimensional change to the cylinders. With  operations that can be performed onsite or in site SPS are world leaders in the repair of hydraulic rams and cylinders.  Downtime is drastically reduced as we do not require complete chrome stripping, re chrome plating and cylindrical grinding.  

 These are time consuming tasks and will leave the excavators out of operation for much longer than many would expect. If you need the machine urgently there is simply not a better option.

Repairs to other components

SPS Selective Plating Services also have the capability to repair valve spools and rotary couplings (slew cylinders). These components are often difficult to acquire in Australia and furthermore they are exceptionally difficult to repair due to centerless grinding (on valve spools) and deep grooving on slew cylinders. Our unique techniques will enable aviable and cost effective solution for these components.

Three excavator repair options

For excavator repairs in Melbourne, we offer three repair options…

  •  In-situ plating:

           For rods and cylinders that have observable damages and have not yet caused seal failure.

  •   Onsite plating:

           For rods and cylinders that are removed from the excavator and need an ‘urgent repair’ performed on premises.

  •  Repair at our premises with pickup and delivery available:

          For rods and cylinders that are stripped down and ready for pickup.

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