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Forklift Repair Services for Damaged Lift Cylinders

Forklift Repairs

Forklift repairs for damaged lift cylinders are now available as an amazing onsite electroplating service. Our onsite or in-situ plating service is ideal for large cylinders on container forklifts and also for urgent situations where repairs are often completed in one day.

SPS Selective Plating Services have developed world leading techniques for the repair of hydraulic rams and cylinders. Defects in the chrome surface are selectively electroplated meaning that the surrounding areas do not build during plating. If an ‘X’ shape is gouged into a cylinder surface then only ‘X’ will build up with metal. This means that there is no dimensional change to the cylinder and any defects that are built up can simply be returned to finished size.

From aircraft to cranes, excavators and forklifts

All our techniques have been developed over a 40 year period including 14 years expertise in the aircraft industry. Whilst involved with that industry a damaged cylinder on the aircraft landing gear had forced the grounding of a plane in Brisbane. Using the same repair techniques that we use today this aircraft was cleared to fly within 24 hours. The only difference between then and now is that we have advanced and further developed our capabilities considerably.

Three options for forklift repair

For forklift repairs in Melbourne we offer these three options…

 1. In-situ plating:  For rods and cylinders that have observable damages and have not yet caused seal failure.

 2. Onsite plating:  For rods and cylinders that are removed from the forklift and need an ‘urgent repair’ performed on premises.

3. Repair at our premises with pickup and delivery available:  For rods and cylinders that are stripped down and ready for pickup.

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