Hydraulic Cylinder Seals

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Hydraulic Cylinder Seals Solution in Melbourne

Hydraulic Cylinder Seals

The surface of a hydraulic cylinder is equally as important as the hydraulic seals. The chrome plated surface is part of the integrity of a successful seal and if damage such as corrosion or scoring is present the hydraulic seals will inevitably fail. Many will simply try to replace the hydraulic cylinder seals only to return to the same problem of seal failure. Our onsite service is extremely valuable for large machinery as our plating repairs can be performed in-situ (with the cylinder still attached to the machine). Most engineers across the world are unaware that electroplating can be performed in such a manner.

Working together in Melbourne

‘A good seal with a good cylinder surface’

SPS Selective Plating Services do not undertake supply or installation of hydraulic seals. We simply provide the other essential element ‘a good cylinder surface’. As such, we are not competitive but entirely complimentary to any company that supplies hydraulic seals in Melbourne.

Together we provide the long term solution for all customers

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