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Hydraulic Ram Repair with Unique Plating Service

Hydraulic Ram Repair

Hydraulic ram repair in Melbourne and surrounds is now performed with a very unique plating service. This technique can repair the defects in chrome plated rams without having to remove the existing chrome coating. Defects such as scores, impact damage or corrosion are all repaired by a selective plating method. Due to the fact that we no longer need immersion into a plating tank this amazing hydraulic ram repair can be performed onsite or even in-situ (with the hydraulic ram still attached to machinery).

Onsite and In-Situ Plating

To repair a hydraulic ram onsite or in-situ is of immense value to industry. An onsite or in-situ plating repair of a hydraulic ram will dramatically reduce the downtime associated with off-site processing. All stages from disassembly, road transport, chrome surface removal, re-chrome plating, cylindrical grinding, return transportation and re-assembly are potential concerns for serious downtime. With our technique these concerns are completely removed. We have developed our techniques over 40 years including involvement in the aircraft industry where this technique prevented major grounding of aircraft due to damaged rams on landing gear

Hydraulic Ram Repair Service

Our hydraulic ram repair service is of great benefit to the manufacturing and construction industries. In a manufacturing plant, a damaged ram can cause seal failure on a hydraulic press and bring production to a standstill.  This undesirable situation can be prevented by regular maintenance checks and electroplating repairs conducted in-situ. In the construction industry, major equipment downtime can be avoided by repairing existing damages on cylinders before seal failure occurs. However, if a large hydraulic ram is removed due to seal failure we can still repair it on the customers premises saving considerable downtime associated with transporting off-site.

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