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Hydraulic Press Repair & Services

Hydraulic Press Repair

A hydraulic press repair performed by SPS Selective Plating Services is remarkable. We perform our electroplating in-situ with no tanks or immersion required. This repair can selectively repair the defects in a hydraulic press cylinder without building the surrounding areas of chrome that are in good order. So, if the shape of the letter ‘X’ is gouged into the chrome cylinder surface then only ‘X’ will build with metal. This ensues that the overall cylinder dimension does not change and only defective areas such as scores, corrosion or impact damage are specifically and selectively repaired.

In-situ plating! – No disassembly!

There is immense value in being able to electroplate a damaged hydraulic press cylinder in-situ. Disassembly can be reduced to an absolute minimum and transportation off site is completely eliminated. Off site processes will usually produce very high downtime problems to industry and productivity. Large hydraulic presses and similar machinery are repaired in a matter of a few days which is beyond compare for downtime reduction and convenience.

Vulcanising Press Repair

In the year 2000 SPS Selective Plating services undertook  a major hydraulic press repair. The task required the electroplating of 22 huge hydraulic cylinders that operated a vulcanizing press in Melbourne. This press was used in the manufacture of conveyor belts for mining purposes. It was fifty years old and every hydraulic cylinder was severely scored. Our repairs were conducted in-situ during a holiday shutdown period. From collecting 44 gallon drums of hydraulic fluid each week in the year 2000 this press today has only one cylinder that has developed a very slight weep.

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