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Mobile Crane Repairs Solution for Damaged Hydraulic Cylinders

Mobile Crane Repairs

Mobile crane repairs for damaged hydraulic cylinders can now be performed onsite and in-situ with a mobile electroplating unit operated by SPS Selective Plating Services. This amazing technique will restore chrome cylinders that have impact damage, scoring or corrosion. Downtime is drastically reduced, there are no plating tanks required and results are astounding.

No tank required for plating

To electroplate a cylinder without submersion into a plating tank is of immense value to the crane industry. Boom extension cylinders can be 15 meters or more in length and will require a plating tank of equal depth. A ‘double dipping’ method is often undertaken as compromise. Such issues are no longer a concern as we simply address the defects in the chrome surface with a selective plating technique. With this method only the damaged areas build up with metal during electroplating. If a gouge in the shape of the letter ‘X’ was impressed into the chrome surface then only ‘X’ will build with metal. This means no dimensional change to the cylinder occurs and defects are easily restored back to finished size.

Onsite or In-Situ

Most boom extension cylinders are repaired onsite which is of great convenience and eliminates the need for off site transport. However, if luffing cylinders or outrigger cylinders are damaged these can be repaired in-situ (still attached to the crane). When damage is observed on these cylinders it is best to arrange an in-situ repair as it will prevent inevitable seal failure and downtime when such damage is ignored.

A viable option for Mobile Crane Repairs in Melbourne

Crane service companies in Melbourne are now able to engage our mobile crane repair service to provide significant downtime savings for their clients. Although we can operate throughout Australia we have a major focus toward local Melbourne operations. As we will work in conjunction with hydraulic service companies and directly with owner operators who have in-house services please be aware that we NEVER undertake any other areas of maintenance, assembly and disassembly or installation of seals. As such, we stand not as competitive to hydraulic repairers but entirely complimentary and supportive.

You can now can provide another viable option to your customers for mobile crane cylinder repairs.

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